FM Scout 11

Μπορεί να άργησε κάνα δίμηνο από την κυκλοφορία του Football Manager 2011, αλλά έστω και με αυτή την καθυστέρηση ο νέος FM Genie Scout είναι γεγονός. Κατεβάστε τον και βρείτε τα ταλέντα που ψάχνετε για τις ομάδες σας εύκολα και γρήγορα.

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Football Manager T-Shirts

Η Sega ανέβασε στο site ένα online store όπου όλοι οι fans του Football Manager μπορείτε να παραγγείλετε τα t-shirts σας με θέμα το αγαπημένο σας video game.

Football Manager T-Shirts
Οι τιμές των t-shirts είναι 10 και 15 λίρες. Δηλαδή 12 και 18 δικά μας ευρώ αντίστοιχα. 18 ευρώ κοστίζει και η συλλεκτική μπάλα.

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Football Manager 2011 wonderkids

16 years old
Lucas Digne DL/WBL 16 Lille £1.4 mil
Jack Robinson DL 16 Liverpool £725k
Romario DR/WBR 16 Vitoria £625k
Tobias Figueiredo DC/DM/MC 16 Sporting £200k
Zeli Ismail AMR/MR/ST 16 Wolves £1.4 mil
Mateo Kovacic AMC/MC 16 Dinamo £500k
Bryan Rabello AMC/MRC/AMR 16 Colo Colo £475k
Suso AMC/MC 16 Liverpool £1.3 mil
Abdallah Yaisien AMC/MRC/AMR 16 Paris Saint-Germain £1.2 mil
Toni Silva AMRL/MRL 16 Liverpool £875k
Harry Kane ST/AMC 16 Tottenham £975k
Lucas Piazon ST/AMC 16 Sao Paulo £750k

Training Schedules Football Manager 2011

Programs training for Football Manager 2011:

Football Manager 2011 logos English version

Facepack for Football Manager 2011 (75000 faces)

Facepack for Football Manager 2011 (75000 faces). Download link:
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Neue.2 Skin

Download link for this football  manager skin :!download|714tl4|432072707||14167

gs2011 [Skin]

Download link for skin Football Manager 2011

Pastel eleven skin

Pastel eleven skin for Fotball Mnager 2011 download link:

Adventure Skin

       Adventure Skin download skin

Midas Touch skin for Football manager 2011 free download

Midas Touch skin free download

Stelko skin Football Manager 2011 free download

Football Manager 2011 skin free download:

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Football Manager 2011 Patch 11.2.1

Hello again everyone, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have released a ‘hotfix’ 11.2.1 patch, which resolves a couple of issues in regards to loading old save games running the Polish league and being unable to set contract length in Network games.*Hotfix*-Now-Released?p=6275418&viewfull=1#post6275418

Football Manager 2011 skins patch training wonderkind cataloge

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